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Passion for one’s land.

In Montelaguardia , a small village of rural houses 750 meters above sea level, at the gates of the medieval town of Randazzo, the vineyards of the Destro estate lie on the gentle ridges of the valley below Montenero , on the north-east side of Etna


A group of farmhouses and an old manor house are signs of the hard work carried out in this area since 1987, when the Dilettoso di Randazzo laid the first stone. This is testified by the inscription engraved on the doorway of the old “palmento” (winemaking plant) at the entrance of the estate

Island of Fire “, so Dante defined Sicily for the presence of Etna  . “ A Muntagna “, as the volcano is confidentially called, is an integral part of the way of thinking and doing of those Sicilians, who like family Destro live on its slopes; these people, with a certain awe, aware of the risk they incur, over the millennia have torn strips of land from the arid expanses of lava with stubbornness and courage.


In full Harmony

The people of these places have thus carved out areas characterized by a strong landscape, cultural and essentially productive personality. Thanks to the specific characteristics of the climate and the fertility of the land that characterize the area in which the Destro estate extends, the grapes reach full ripeness for which it is possible to obtain full-bodied, robust and rich in harmony wines. A high level of quality derived from the experience and knowledge of the productive potential possessed by the lava soils in which the vines are grown.

Here the Destro family, driven by great attachment and love for their land , is dedicated to the cultivation of native vines such as Nerello Mascalese and Carricante with the single goal of achieving the maximum expression of their wines with great passion and dedication .


Nature and Technology

In these places the scents and colors take on a very special aspect. Following the tradition carried on over the years by its predecessors, this historic company lives on today transformed by the Destro into a modern wine company . A combination of technology and tradition in which warehouses and old rural houses, appropriately renovated, house cutting-edge winemaking equipment and tools.